This video proves skiers and snowboarders should all get along

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The fact that many skiers and snowboarders can’t get along in this day and age is, quite frankly, absurd. We’re all just sliding down snow-covered hills on planks at the end of the day and whether it be one or two planks shouldn’t be a big deal.

Few people exemplify the right way to approach skiing and snowboarding’s relationship better than Utah-based brothers Ian and Neil Provo. Ian skis, Neil snowboards and they put out some of the best vibes in the snowsports scene via high-quality, powder-filled videos. In this installment from the brothers, we see some dreamy follow-cam and POV footage that shows quite clearly that we should all just get along and shred in harmony. (Heads-up: The follow-cam shot starting at 2:10 is particularly drool-worthy.)


Watch Karl Fostvedt drop into wildly-deep Japanese powder


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