Take a stroll down memory lane and watch Tom Wallisch’s segment from Level 1’s “Refresh”

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When Level 1 released its film Refresh back in 2009, I was just going into my sophomore year at the University of Vermont (UVM). In October, the UVM Ski and Snowboard Club hosted a screening of the film, and my biggest take away was Tom Wallisch’s opening segment. Not only did it feature one of my favorite tracks by rapper Talib Kweli, but Wallisch’s ability to blend highly difficult, technical tricks, both in the air and on the rails, with his own signature style wowed me, to say the least. Wallisch’s Refresh segment still stands out as one of my favorites of all time, and I’m surely not the only one to think so. Level 1 has just made the segment available, in its entirety, online. Take a look and stroll down memory lane with “Wally” and Level 1.

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