Superunknown Remix: LSM presents “Fusion,” a blend of ski, surf and jazz

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We teamed up with Level 1 and Lucas Stål Madison (LSM) to bring you “Fusion,” Lucas’ very own Superunknown remix.

“This gem is a fusion of jazz improvisation and surf style,” says LSM. “I heard jazz players do a lot of improvisation so I tried to use that on skis. Surfing was also an influence while experimenting with alternative skiing.”

LSM is the winner of Level 1’s Superunknown IX contest. To see his winning video, follow this link:


Track 1: “So What” by John Coltrane
Track 2: “Thelonious Monk” by Thelonious, Henry & Roy

Guests: Liam Downey & Sig Tviet

Mixed By: LSM
Filmed By: Level 1, The Bunch

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