Steve Stepp is a born again snowboarder in latest episode of “They See Me Trollin’”

October 21st, 2013 by

“If it wasn’t for skiers, there wouldn’t even be any snowboarders on the mountain,” says Skier X in this latest edition of They See Me Trolling—the season two opener. In the episode, Steve Stepp seeks to bring a peace between skiers and snowboarders, who have forever been at war over who truly rules the mountain. “Snowboarders are fragile creatures,” says Stepp, detailing his plan to infiltrate the snowboarding community in order to see what makes them tick. “They’re not all there. I’m going to have to dumb it down a little.” Check out the episode to see if Steve can prove Skier X wrong and make his summer experiment at Windells Camp a successful endeavor.

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