Corey Vanular spins his way back into your heart in “No Tomorrow’s.”

November 8th, 2013 by

Corey Vanular. I idolized this guy back in his ski academy days. He and the rest of the CVA freeride team were a force to be reckoned with on the USASA circuit, but Corey’s style trumped all. He was the best. To see him star in Level 1 flicks just a few years later was certainly exciting too. But then, as quickly as Corey became a household name, he dropped off the map. For years, plagued by injury, Corey stuck to the shadows.

The last time I saw him on snow was the WSSF/AFP World Champs in April—he was skiing pretty darn well. And today, we find this: A kick-ass edit, showcasing Corey throwing down around Whistler Blackcomb throughout the spring and summer. The piece is produced by Corey and Leigh Powis, and it’s racking up some serious attention on Twitter and beyond. It’s certainly good to see Corey back in the spotlight.

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