Awone Films takes the show on the road in its film, “Again”

January 1st, 2013 by

Swiss film crew Awone Films takes the show on the road, from their backyard in Switzerland, to terrain parks and urban centers across North and South America. Awone explains via their Vimeo page: “Awone Again follows a crew of friends which all have the same passion : Freeskiing.
Track them through the deep powder of Switzerland’s western backcountry, to the best North-American and Spanish snowparks, passing over different urban environments. This film features their season and how much fun they had during the winter, as fun and pleasure are their only motivation. There’s no money involved, only friendship and the passion of shooting tons of slams and teenagers sliding down steep slopes or kinky handrails before getting kicked out.”

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Donny O'Neill hails from the mystical, faraway land of New Hartford, CT. When he's not in the mountains searching for Big Foot, he's the Associate Editor here at Freeskier.