What does Norwegian kid want to do with endless money? Go to Breckenridge

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I’m currently in Norway celebrating Christmas with family. Was out cross country skiing the other day when a friend of my mom recognized us on the trail and sparked up conversation. It had been some years since he’d seen us, and last we’d spoken I was living in Breckenridge for the winter. He asked if I still lived there. “No,” I told him, I’m just down the road in Boulder nowadays. “Damn,” he said (not really, we were speaking Norwegian. But you get the idea…), “I have a son who’s into the freeride scene, and all he wants to do is visit the USA. Just the other day, somebody asked him what he would do if he won the Norwegian lottery. ‘Go to Breckenridge,’ he replied.”

Had a good chuckle. Evidently the appeal of Breck Parks has far reach.

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