TJ Schiller’s TBT to knee surgery is damn comical, slightly graphic

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With today’s TBT posting, Schiller writes, “From my 3rd knee surgery. This is moments after I fell off the table when I tried to go to the washroom by myself, just after surgery. My lower half was still numbing out from the spinal tap. I went to go put my good leg down to balance myself so I could get my junk in a comfy spot to flow into the bin I was given. Instead, my leg (still completely numb) just gave and I fell down, successfully completing my task of peeing. All over myself. Meanwhile these stitches came out and it was a fountain of blood and urine spraying all over me. Oh the memories.”

Great work, Teej. As classic as I imagine this moment to be, the “I want to have sex with Ryan Gosling” girl still takes the cake for post surgery awesomeness, IMO.

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