McRae Williams shows us why you shouldn’t heat your helmet by the fire

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It’s safe to say that at one time or another, every skier has broken one of the commandments of skiing by leaving his or her gear in the car overnight. Sometimes you just forget. Sometimes you’re simply too lazy to grab it on your way into the house, and promise yourself you’ll grab it later (and then forget). Sometimes an après session can take an unexpected turn, leaving your gear to fend for itself all night in sub-zero temperatures. Excuses aside, it happens to the best of us, including Olympic hopeful McRae Williams.

After leaving his helmet in the car overnight, McRae figured he’d warm it up in front of the fire. This proved to be a bad idea, as evidenced by the photo below. Luckily for him, his helmet sponsor, anon., left a comment letting him know that they’d be willing to ship a new one out to Breckenridge, where McRae is currently preparing for this week’s Grand Prix.

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