Not seen on TV: Go behind the scenes of the X Games’ Aspen invasion

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May 30, 1970
Woody Creek, CO

“There is a hell of a huge difference between skiing as a sport—or even as a lifestyle—and skiing as an industry, a boom-time fad like golf or bowling. Or beating up Peace Freaks on your lunch hour.

“On one side are the cops and the Mayor and the County Commissioners, along with local realtors and corporate land developers from Chicago & LA & Texas—and even NY & Boston. These people see Aspen as a resort and they want to sell it. And they are. Indeed—for the past 20 years they’ve been selling harder than New Orleans street-pimps.

“The other side is a weird mix of locals, liberals, freaks, dropouts, ranchers, heads, geeks & other less commercially oriented types who see Aspen as a place to live—not to sell—a refuge, of sorts, from the same kind of rotten urban madness that these scum-sucking developers are trying to sell here in Aspen.”

—Hunter S. Thompson

Excerpted from Fear And Loathing In America: The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist © Simon & Schuster 2000

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