Watch video of the top three runs, 2013 X Games Aspen men’s slopestyle finals

January 28th, 2013 by

Excerpt from Sunday’s 2013 X Games Aspen slopestyle final recap:

“For the 9th straight year here at X Games Aspen, we have a new men’s ski slopestyle gold medalist. That is to say, nine different skiers have earned gold in the past nine years. Looking back at the past few seasons, in 2008 it was Andreas Håtveit; in 2009, TJ Schiller; in 2010, Bobby Brown; 2011, Sammy Carlson; and in 2012, it was Tom Wallisch. Today, your 2013 X Games Aspen slopestyle champion is Lawrenceburg, Indiana’s own Nick Goepper.”

Nick Goepper, 2013 X Games Aspen slopestyle gold.

Henrik Harlaut, 2013 X Games Aspen slopestyle silver.

James Woods, 2013 X Games Aspen slopestyle bronze.

See a recap and photo gallery from the 2013 X Games Aspen slopestyle final.


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