Top 11 Skis: The Best Floating Skis of 2012/13

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After three weeks of ski testing, the Freeskier staff rounded up the best of the best for 2012/13, and selected Editor’s Picks. Of those Editor’s Picks, these are the floatiest, your go-to skis for the deepest of powder days.

1. Fat-ypus A-Lotta

Float: 5/5
“The original super fat, the A-Lotta ski was the first model offered by the Breckenridge-based Fat-ypus eight years ago.” Click for full review and scores.

T-1. Rossignol S7W

Float: 5/5
“The ski that introduced many a gal to the wonderful world of rocker, the S7W is the same as the men’s S7, just in a smaller size run.” Click for full review and scores.

T-1. Rossignol Squad 7

Float: 5/5
“A completely new ski from Rossi, the Squad 7 sports a rocker profile that “crushed every snow condition on the mountain,” according to one tester.” Click for full review and scores.

T-1. Salomon Rockette 115

Float: 5/5
“For the ripping female skier, the Rockette 115 offers full twin rocker and shares the shape of the Rockerwith women’s-specific dimensions.” Click for full review and scores.

5. Salomon Rocker2 122


Float: 4.88/5
“One of our staffer’s everyday skis, the Rocker2 122 excels on deep days, but, more importantly, skis surprisingly well every other day, too.” Click for full review and scores.

6. Line Pandora

Float: 4.67/5
“Testers called it ‘extremely versatile’ and ‘a killer all-around ski.’ Another called it ‘light and responsive, yet beefy when you need backup.'” Click for full review and scores.

7. Armada AK JJ

Float: 4.65/5
“The AK JJ is “one of the better all-over, big-mountain skis,” according to one tester, and its scores support the claim.” Click for full review and scores.

T-8. K2 Pettitor

Float: 4.57/5
With Völkl’s storied pedigree backing it, you know the Wall’s construction, a full woodcore and vertical sidewalls, gives you the powerful foundation any good park ski requires. Click for full review and scores.

T-8: Salomon Rocker2 115

Float: 4.57/5
“One tester said if they were to buy one ski for next season, this would be it.” Click for full review and scores.

T-10: Nordica Helldorado

Float: 4.5/5
“The Helldorado is a new ski in the Nordica lineup, and it hit the mark perfectly.”  Click for full review and scores.

T-10: Moment Governor

Float: 4.5/5
“The Governor is one of Moment’s best skis to hit the shelves this season.” Click for full review and scores.

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