Three Days in Nirvana: A behind the scenes look at Nimbus Independent’s adventure to Haines, AK

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Nimbus Independent released this video on its Vimeo channel last night; the clip gives you a behind the scenes look at a three day excursion to Haines, AK. Chris Benchetler, Bryce Phillips, Eric Pollard, Ike Smith and Justin Wiegand take to the slopes, and by the looks of it, definitely do not have any fun at all, whatsoever.

Set to a live rendition of Nirvana's "Polly," we've never seen Haines look so tranquil; it makes for quite the viewing experience. And if you can endure the black at 2:48, you'll see what the Nimbus crew do to pass the time while they're waiting on the heli. Enjoy.



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