The 2013 Backcountry Issue is now available on the iTunes Newsstand

Comments by Henrik Lampert/

First off, congratulations to Sean Pettit who lands himself the cover of (and a 6-page profile in) the 2013 Backcountry Issue. This marks Pettit’s first appearance on the cover of FREESKIER. The photograph was shot by Mason Mashon in the Whistler Backcountry, BC.


Speaking about the shot, Mashon notes, “The weather around Whistler can be somewhat relentless. Storms last for days on end, leaving the alpine locked away in a shroud of grey. The weather doesn’t stop us from getting after it, just puts limits on what we can do. This day we decided to explore the tree skiing on Millar Ridge in Pemberton. The whoops on the sled trail were absolutely horrendous which almost made the day trip not worth while. Almost.”

In addition to the Pettit profile, this issue contains a feature on “How to do a hut trip,” a “Things I’ve Learned” segment highlighting insight from longtime backcountry guides, a piece on eight classic sidecountry lines, a tribute to fallen friends, a trip through British Columbia via train, three mini profiles, a look at last year’s snowpack, thoughts on avalanche PTSD, our Epics photo gallery, backcountry gear reviews and loads more.

This issue is not available for purchase on newsstands, however, it is available via the iTunes Newsstand. To subscribe to the magazine on iTunes, follow this link: