#RTC14 Update: Did Team Nordica get tattoos?

March 13th, 2014 by

Team Nordica is currently in Burlington, VT, completing as many #RTC14 challenges as they can. One of the many challenges given to the teams was to get a tattoo that’s bigger than a quarter. If said person wanted to go for even more points, they could get a tattoo of the Freeskier logo. It just so happens that Henrik Lampert, of Team Nordica, snapped the below Instagram shot in front of Event Horizon Custom Tattooing on Main Street in Burlington. Did Team Nordica just get tattoos? Or is this a ploy to mess with Team K2?


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Donny O'Neill hails from the mystical, faraway land of New Hartford, CT. When he's not in the mountains searching for Big Foot, he's the Associate Editor here at Freeskier.