On the Road: Powder at Squaw Valley

May 16th, 2011 by


With a couple of down days to get through while the guys from Snow Park Technologies put final touches on the next feature in my current streak of park shooting, I figured what better way to enjoy spring than ride my bike and maybe get in some tanning? Plans, like the weather, change, and as a storm rolled into the Lake Tahoe region I put away my bike and decided instead to take advantage of the weekend lift access at Squaw Valley.

Sunday dawned cloudy with snow hammering down, totalling about 8 inches for the morning. It kept snowing most of the day and by this morning the storm total up high was around two feet. Sunday the skiing was actually pretty death-defying, with a layer of frozen spring snow under a light cover. But today was darn close to epic with bigger totals and heavier snow filling things in. No lines and nothing else to do but shred; not a bad spring bonus.

I'm headed up right now to check out the process on our halfpipe construction project and hopefully it isn't totally buried. The NOAA forcast is for another 12 to 22 inches of fresh snow by Wednesday morning. So I hope everyone is getting to make some turns and is staying safe in the backcountry with the endless winter and weird spring snowpack.

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Nate Abbott is a photographer and man of mystery. Most likely to be found in Boulder, CO or New York City, he spends winters chasing skiers and snow around the world with hundreds of pounds of cameras and lights in tow. Nate is a Senior Contributor with Freeskier.