On the Road: Close to Home, Shooting With Poorboyz at Keystone

May 4th, 2011 by


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Sometimes the hardest thing for a photographer is shooting close to your own home—there's simply too many distractions when you're in your comfort zone. But when I go on a trip, all that exists is photography. With that in mind when Poorboyz Productions came to my home territory last week for a shoot at Keystone Ski Resort, I moved into the condo with the Poorboyz crew and pretended I was truly on a trip.

With basically unlimited support from the Area 51 park staff at Keystone, and a huge group of athletes—Nick Martini, Clayton Villa, LJ Strenio, Dane Tudor, Simon Dumont, Sean Jordan, Bobby Brown, Paul Bergeron and Byron Wells—we set to shooting as many features as possible. Those features included a wall ride, a cut-out true table, a right-to-left transfer gap, a cannon-to-gap jump feature, a log tap, an up-rail to transition, and a Jersey barrier stall to rail.

And for me, staying with the crew ended up making for a productive week, including one day on which I shot nearly 40 gigabytes of images between 8 AM and 7 PM. Unfortunately we suffered from a couple of injuries—hopefully relatively minor for Nick Martini and LJ Strenio—and a continued wild winter with powder turns being made every day of the shoot including about 8 inches on the final day.

Check out a few teaser images and look forward to the final product in Poorboyz fall 2011 release and in the pages of Freeskier coming soon.

Check out the full photo gallery.


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Nate Abbott is a photographer and man of mystery. Most likely to be found in Boulder, CO or New York City, he spends winters chasing skiers and snow around the world with hundreds of pounds of cameras and lights in tow. Nate is a Senior Contributor with Freeskier.