Photo Gallery: The 14 best photos from Sass Global Travel’s summer in Argentina

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While most are soaking up the summer sun’s rays, sipping piña coladas by the pool or frolicking on the beach, many others are skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. One of the hottest spots down under? Bariloche, Argentina—home to Sass Global Travel (SGT).

A unique summer camp experience, a session at SGT allows you to shred the amazing snow of the Patagonias’ high alpine environment. Not to mention, SGT immerses you into the Argentinian culture, from the language, to the food, to the customs. For the adventurous soul, an SGT experience is certainly worth investigating.

While summer in North America is now in the rearview mirror, we couldn’t help but share these images that the folks at SGT just passed along. We’ve got a long winter ahead of us, but a quick peek at these photos might just make you want to pencil something in on your calendar for summer 2013.

*Be sure to stay tuned for an article on “how to do ski camp in South America” in the February 2013 issue of Freeskier.

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