MMWUC: 3 new ski film trailers and Russian babes surf in high heels

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Among the hot new skiing videos this week, you’ll find film trailers from JOB, Awone and, a rad re-edit from Karl Fostvedt and the latest from Windells Camp. Down below, you’ll enjoy the unstoppable air-hockey robot, a group of Russian ladies surfing in high heels, Danny MacAskill’s new (insane) biking edit and more. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred

Simon Dumont dials new tricks at Keystone jump session, spring ’13.

Karl Fostvedt releases re-edit of his segment from PBP’s “WE.”

Line Skis’ team invades Windells, Session 2, summer 2013.

Tom Wallisch on filming in Norway and collaborating with Field Prod.

JOB’s “Satori” teaser #3: Heli-skiing in Georgia. drops lighthearted teaser for “CREAM OF SPAG.”

Awone Films drops official trailer for “Je Vais Au Rêve.”

Ross Imburgia teaches a lesson in perseverance at Windells Camp.

Best of the Rest

Air-hockey robot will kick your ass.

Matrix-style martial arts dance is amazing.

Shawn Stefani hole-in-one.

Nice apartments for cheap. What’s the catch?

Astronaut explains why the next shooting star you see may be human poop.

Danny MacAskill displays insane bike skills in “Imaginate.”

Russian babes go surfing in high heels.

Spider on weather cam scares newscaster.

Want more? Karl Fostvedt wants to see X Games add Real Ski Street. Do you? Vote “Yes” or “No” here.

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