MMWUC: Heli-skiing with go-go dancers, plus kayaker takes on 60 foot waterfall

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This week, some folks in Uzbekistan bring a go-go dancer onto the slopes, Ahmet Dadali drops his latest episode of Flip the Script, and Tom Wallisch takes some hot laps before going under the knife. Down below, a kayaker takes on a 60 foot waterfall, “Action Movie Kid” shows off his skills, and firefighters battle a burning tumbleweed tornado. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred:

Capturing the “true essence” of skiing in Uzbekistan in new edit from Whitehearts.

See the winners of the “Wanna be a Knight” online video contest.

Ahmet Dadali roams the streets of Slovenia and Italy in new episode of “Flip The Script”.

Enjoy bluebird park shredding with Wallisch, Keefer and friends in IRPC ep. 5.

Level 1 unveils finalist videos for Superunknown XI.

Tom Wallisch returns to Park City before ACL surgery.

Best of the Rest:

Dane Jackson’s 60ft Waterfall Drop.

Mouse trap chain reaction in slow motion.

Mad nice whistling skills.

Action movie kid’s father is a professional animator.

Crazy boat racing.

Burning tumbleweed tornado.

Spinning sand art.

Want more? Here’s what went down at Orage Masters IX at Retallack.

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