Meet 10 pro skiers who are living life on the road like champs

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There’s nothing like the rush of a good road trip. Leaving behind any and all monotony to experience something new every day, hour, minute and second is something all humans ought to do at least every once in a while. But living on the road? Well that’s a whole ‘nother beast—one that folks seem to be pursuing more than ever these days.

If you’re considering life on the road yourself, or if you’re just looking for some off-the-beaten-path entertainment, we suggest checking out the 10 pro skiers and their respective rigs, below. From decked-out vans to repurposed firetrucks to wonderfully-gritty truckbed campers, these homes-on-wheels are providing raw, simple access to unforgettable adventures all over the globe.

Note: Have some questions about life in motion? Consider asking these guys and gals via Instagram; they’d likely be happy to provide some tips. Remember, they’re people too. Pro skiers don’t bite.

Tanner Hall

Rigged out! @oakleyskiing @armadaskis @gopro @tyroliabindings @mo_pros #skibossbuss #spacetube #readyfortheroad

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First wake up in the new rig wasn't bad at all. #hyped

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Only 5 weeks left till I get my new house/transport. More than ready. #era4x4winnebago #lifechanger

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Fabian Lentsch

Looking forward hanging with you in Salzburg next Friday! Last chance to have a look into the snowmads ride 😎✌🏾️

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Rob Heule

how to pack for #vancation

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Sierra Quitiquit

And just like that, winter came back. 🙏🏼 #vanlife #howdidiget_here @mountainfilm

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Time for a little van adventure. ✌🏼️ #vanlife

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Chris Benchetler

Changed the plan slightly, but the journey continues -» @thestealthymarmot • @sonicauto #chasingadvanture

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Good morning 🚐☕️ -» Mammoth Lakes, CA. • #gopro

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Jacob Wester

Ahmet Dadali

Mike King

Rig loves the beach!

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🚛+🏠+🐎Rigged up #gotrig #kingoftheroad #brap #dooordie

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Kalen Thorien

Notes from the Road: 1. Back in the trailer! After a few months of pondering my future living situation in an actual house, normality took its toll and I moved my little nomadic ass back into the Bigfoot. 2. The Harley has been put in storage. My heart and cooter are very sad. 3. Returning from Thailand, winter has been aggressive, easing me in with sub-zero temps but also supplying one of the better early seasons I've seen in over 5 years. My heart and cooter are now happy… 4. Whistler with the @salomonfreeski crew was a success as usual! I also learned mixing French people with sake results in a hilariously dangerous situation such as urban mountaineering, tickle fights, and bruises to prove it. 5. Thanks to @witnesscompany I now actually look legit whilst listening to Pantera and Metallica. Check them out! 6. Francis is getting some TLC with my amazing mechanic. 40k+ miles this year so she definitely needed a spa getaway. 7. She's currently replaced with her older, smaller step-brother I've happily named Red. A 1977 FJ40 with a brand new V8 conversion. It's a beast and really hilarious to cram skis in to. 8. Made it to Idaho! @brundagemtn is getting pootered (snowed) on and I'm currently wondering why the f*** I'm writing this and not skiing 🤔 9. That being said…Peace suckers!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼 #adventurealways #funisthebest

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Zack Giffin

Have someone we should add to the list? Drop us a line with your favorite road warrior(s) and we’ll see if there’s room for more here.


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