Knockaround Custom Sunglasses

January 2nd, 2013 by

What’s great about Knockaround sunglasses? Their price tag. The stock shades all cost less than $30 and now you can get custom color combos for only a few dollars more. Two customizable models are offered, both of which will ship only five days after you place your order. The Premium retails for $34 and Fort Knocks for $45. Select from 22 different colors for the front of the frame as well as both arms. If you chose the Fort Knocks then you can also specify Silver or Gold for the hardware detailing.

When it comes time to choose a lens you’ll have 11 different options, including four polarized lenses that can be selected for only five dollars more. At fifty dollars or less, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more affordable custom sunglasses. Visit to check them out.


About the author:
Damian Quigley is an Irish-born immigrant who traveled to the US with hopes of one day becoming an editor for Freeskier. Having accomplished his dream, he spends his days testing gear and sipping champagne.