The inaugural “B&E Inventational” will be held April 6 in Les Arcs, France

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Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut have announced their own invitational event, the “B&E Inventational.” The event will take place April 6 in Les Arcs, France, and aims to “offer a unique slopestyle venue that mixes all the elements which make the sport of freeskiing what it is today.”

In addition to the hosts, 7 other invited riders have been announced. The list includes Candide Thovex, Tanner Hall, Paul Bergeron, Adam Delorme, Dave Crichton, Jossi Wells, and Parker White. Twelve more riders will be announced throughout the season. The competition features a rider-judged jam format, with the athletes judging the overall winner, as well as the “King of Style” and the “Best Trick.”

Press Release, Les Arcs, France, November 25, 2013:

The Concept

Set right in the heart of the Arc 1800 Village, the goal of the event is to offer a unique slopestyle venue that mixes all the elements which make the sport of freeskiing what it is today. Just like in skateboarding, this event will combine half pipe, bowls, quarter pipes, rails, wall rides, transfers and more. The venue will offer the best playground for the invited skiers to express their ultimate creativity on snow. An enormous amount of work is needed to offer such playground. The shape and construction of the venue will take 200 hours of snow cat time, 15 days of shaping and over 20.000 cubic meter of snow. Everything is orchestrated by Scandinavian Shaper and Les Arcs slope services. The B&E Inventational is an occasion for the best freeskiers in the world to showcase their talent in a perfect environment at one of the best places to ride in all of Europe.

Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon… in Les Arcs

Henrik and Phil are the leaders of the freeski (mix of freestyle and freeride skiing) movement today. Each of the skiers performances are seen and followed by an audience that goes over the limit of the freeski community.
The two individual skiers have chosen Les Arcs over different resorts because they appreciated the location, the playground, the people and the resort atmosphere during their last visit for the LA Session contest and their filming for ‘The Educations of Style’ movie.

A Jam session broadcasted live.

Not only will the shape of the venue be unique, but the format as well. The riders will be able to judge themselves after 3 different “Jam Sessions”. From there the riders will pick one winner of ‘Best Overall Rider’, ‘King Of Style’ and ‘Best Trick’. The awards will be attributed by the riders based on style as well as the degree of difficulty of the tricks landed.
The event will be broadcast live via a HD Live streaming player brought by (and distributed around the World via our many partners platforms). The show will be broadcast in English and French speaking languages and will be 3 to 4 hours in length.

To perfectly end the day, the prize giving will be run on a stage in the resort and will be follow by an outdoor concert (Artist to be named) right in the heart of Arc 1800 village. After that everybody will go to the center of the resort to enjoy the closing party at the bar “Chez Boubou”.

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