Final Thought, November 2013: Topher Baldwin on urban and calzones

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Shea Flynn sends a 360 outside Boston, MA while Vila, Jordan and ABM give zero f#cks

First off, those guys aren’t looking for the next spot on Google Street View. If they are Googling anything it’s “cool butt.” The others are probably searching for calzones and beer.

This year, we spent a ton of time on the road, and by not taking it too seriously it was a success. For some people, going on a trip to shoot urban is like setting sail on a cruise where they pack as many nips as their carry-on allows and soak in the January rays of Lowell, MA. While other skiers are hungry and fresh off an injury and they do 360s over sketchy drops. By having a solid mixture of both in your crew, you get the best shots and you end up eating some fucking awesome calzones.

-Words and photo by Christopher Baldwin

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