Final Thought, November 2012: The difficulty of tricking off natural terrain

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“The thing about tricking off natural terrain is that most of the time you can’t see the takeoff, you usually don’t know how far you’re going to travel and you never know exactly what the snow will be like below. It’s like trying to hit a home run without ever seeing the pitcher, not knowing the distance to the wall and never knowing exactly when to swing. As you can probably gather, what I’m trying to say is that throwing tricks off of natural terrain is a hard proposition with a low probability of success. On the other hand, sometimes you can just be a total gaper, underrotate an easy backflip and land on your head like a total moron.” — Cody Townsend

Skier: Cody Townsend
Photo: Bryn Hughes
Location: Stewart, BC

*This article appeared in the V15 December issue of FREESKIER. Subscribe to the magazine, or get it on the iTunes Newsstand.

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