Final Thought, December 2012: The beauty of the photo comes when you start to ask questions

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“It was snowing really heavily in the Alps last March when we decided to pack our car and drive to Engelberg, Switzerland. Swedish local Johan Jonsson was not just hosting us but also skiing. The resort got tracked very quickly and the second day we decided to take a heli and find some untracked terrain. We found this face that was perfect. This shot is one of those lucky ones that turned out well. It wasn’t planned. I really like Johan’s style on the terrain. The ollie here really shows that Mr. Jonsson is having fun whenever he skis. The photo is really simple but after a while you will find some interesting details. I think the biggest attraction is how far he flew. To me that is the beauty of the photo when you start to ask questions. Also the animal track brings more story to the frame. Thanks to Johan for showing us around. That moose was epic.” —Tero Repo

Photo: Tero Repo
Skier: Johan Jonsson
Location: Engelberg, Switzerland

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