ColdAsIce.TV Webisode 1

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The folks at Webit Designs have teamed up with GoPro to provide some of skiing's top females with brand spankin' new cameras. Their mission: use the GoPro's to capture sweet action all season long. Then, simply send the footage back to the guys at Webit who take care of the rest. The result is a series of web edits that will showcase some serious action and a tramload of fun. We caught up with Ms. Megan Olenick who is hot off her 23rd birthday. She tells us more about her latest happenings, and this exciting venture.

FS: Happy birthday, Meg! What did you do on your special day?
MO: Well, I woke up in beautiful Summit County to an amazing birthday breakfast cooked by one of my friends. Both my brothers [Peter and Michael] were there to enjoy the morning with me, and after breakfast, Michael and I joined forced with Simon and Colby and headed up for a couple of runs through the Keystone A51 park. The evening consisted of twenty-five of my friends gathering for dinner down in Denver followed by some karaoke. Let me just say that the level of singing was at its highest and all the classic songs were performed with perfection.

FS: How about New Year celebrations? Anything exciting?
MO: New Years is always a tough day for me because of the flu like symptoms that my birthday brings me. We ended up having a few people over to Peter's house in Dillon. Nothing too big…

FS: Any winter plans to speak of? Where are you living this year?
MO: Well this year I have the treat to live at Peter's new house that he purchased this Falll; it's in Dillon, CO. It's us two, Scott Hibbert and whoever comes to town. My plans for this year are similar to most others. Just trying to do as many contests as possible, and hoping to to ski lots of pow. Other than that, just stay healthy and have a fun winter.

FS: Ok, so now that we've covered the basics, tell me about this undertaking.
MO: Well, this is a new project that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of. Keri Herman, Grete Eliassen, myself and the people over at Webit Designs have started a web site, The site will feature some webisodes from our adventures this season. The people over at GoPro joined on as a sponsor and hooked us up with cameras. So we'll use those little bad boys to collect footage and put up videos that document our winter and keep people entertained. Not all of the videos are of us skiing, some of them are just kind of behind the scenes, what we do on our free time, things we think are funny and whatnot. Also we have a bunch of product giveaways from our sponsors. So pretty much if people want to follow three hot babes all winter, see some sweet ski action, and catch a glimpse of what our life is like in the winter, check out

The first webisode featuring the girls shredding at Breckenridge during the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour is now live, and posted below for your viewing pleasure. Tune in all season long for more just like it. The vibe is fun, and the GoPro's sure do capture some radical footage.