Clayton Vila presents “The Creep”, a season super-edit from Stept, PBP and TGR

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Clayton Vila has drive. When I talked to him today he was already on the grind, driving around Minneapolis with a Stept Productions crew—Maks Gorham, Cam Riley, Shea Flynn, Charlie Owens—working on their next movie. “There’s way more snow than we thought,” he said. “We were going to go up to Duluth, but I think we’re going to stay around here for awhile.”

That focus led Clayton to split his time between three film crews last winter—Stept, Poor Boyz Productions and Teton Gravity Research—which makes it hard to judge the overall awesomeness of his season. But Clayton is looking out for you, ski fans, so he rounded up all those shots and made The Creep, a hard-rocking, six-and-a-half minute super-edit of all his footage from the 2011-2012 season. Without further ado, check out Clayton’s creepy jibbing from Alaska, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Washington and everywhere in between.

Clayton Vila presents The Creep

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