What ski gear brands would you buy? See what other skiers are saying

What ski gear brands would you buy? See what other skiers are saying

Update: Thanks, all, for providing feedback via the polls below. While this page will remain active, we’ve drawn the line re: internal data collection. The results of this poll will be packaged and presented in conjunction with the SIA Snow Show in late January.

In a day and age where brand loyalty runs rampant, folks run the risk of ignoring top-notch product. That hot, new, quick lens-change technology from brand X? “I’m not interested, I only buy brand Y.” Or those insanely great skis and ski gear from the lesser known brand A? “Nope, I support brand B, through and through.”

In an effort to gauge where our readers’ allegiances lie, we’re rolling out the eight polls you’ll find below. The brands listed in each category are the same ones that were included in our 2014 Buyer’s Guide (and a few others, too). Going forward, we’ll poll you, our extended family, on an annual basis. As technologies and product designs continue to change at a rapid pace we’ll watch, together, year over year, to see which brands are succeeding in capturing a piece of your oh-so-faithful heart.

Without further ado, please take a few minutes to cast your vote in the polls below.


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