April 2013: Final Thought with Nate Abbott and Peter Olenick

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(S) Peter Olenick (P) Nate Abbott (L) Mammoth Mountain, CA

“When the weather turned bad during the annual Monster Energy team shoot, I wanted to lay around all day watching TV. Peter, however, decided that, despite the 120 mph gusts and well below zero temperatures, he would have a mai tai and enjoy the spring weather. He forced me to bring all my camera gear out just to ‘get a photo,’ but I think he just needed to ice his knee and couldn’t find our hotel’s ice machine.” — Nate Abbott

“It’s always sunny in California. We were in Mammoth for a Monster Energy photoshoot and had a nice day on our hands. Basically I like to have fun, even on down days, so I took a trip to Ralph Lauren and picked myself up a nice matching Hawaiian shirt and shorts, grabbed a mai tai from the bar, and we were ready for a day at the beach. Of course, my drink spilled and I had to go get a new one. As warm as I look, it was freezing. Thanks to Nate, Davey and Todd for helping get this shot.” — Peter Olenick

*This article originally appeared in the 2013 FREESKIER Photo Annual. Subscribe to the magazine, or get it on the iTunes Newsstand.

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