2012 Ski Movie Reviews: Inspired Media Concepts – The Education of Style

2012 Ski Movie Reviews: Inspired Media Concepts – The Education of Style

Inspired Media was on a mission this season: to produce a film that strayed from the traditional ski-movie recipe. Filmmaker Eric Iberg did just that, and on two counts. First, by utilizing an array of wild effects in his editing process, coupled with a mix of retro disco footage and strange lifestyle shots (See: Casabon dressed as a monk, downing hallucinogenic potions in a forest), and two, simply by filming the skiing of Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon, whose styles are anything but traditional. Casabon’s segment comes first, littered with smooth and stylish jibs on a slew of urban rails, walls, ledges and the like. Harlaut’s shots close the film out; he displays his trademark style shot in and shot out, capping off the film with one heck of a double flatspin in the backcountry. In between? Tanner Hall throws down for his first major segment since his devastating leg injuries, shredding overhead-pow pillows in Retallack, BC and jumping like his good ol’ self. The team doesn’t splurge on expensive film/production equipment; just ’cause the camera ain’t R.E.D. don’t mean the shots ain’t R.A.D.

Website: inspiredmedia.tv
Facebook: /inspiredmediaconcepts
Twitter: @InspiredMediaTV
Trailer Page: youtube.com/watch?v=YoMLCfaitl4
Runtime: 32 min
Get It: inspiredmedia.mobilerider.com/store/

Official Trailer: Inspired Media presents The Education of Style



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