2010-11 Competition Year in Review

May 3rd, 2011 by

The 2010-11 competition season was filled with countless incredible moments. Kevin Rolland's Superpipe domination, Gus Kenworthy's emergence as AFP Overall winner, Sarah Burke's comeback, the emergence of the triple flip and so on. Oh, and you know, the Olympics recognizing Superpipe and possibly Slopestyle for 2014.

It was an incredible year to be a fan of competitive freeskiing. We've compiled a Year in Review… who won what, what happened where, etc. Within each contest: the top three results, a media clip and a link to the full recap of what went down. As we're gearing up for a summer filled with magazine making and summer camps, let's take a look back at the season that we just finished.






Big Air

*Note: Park and pipe skiing only included. For what happened on the big-mountain competitive scene, visit our friends over at The Freeride World Tour and The Freeskiing World Tour.


About the author:
Shay Williams is the former Managing Editor of Freeskier Magazine. He now works full-time with Monster Energy, and continues to contribute to freeskier.com, offering insights re: the lives of his Monster athletes.