$100,000 prize on the line through TGR’s Co-Lab, see official rules and guidelines

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The Co-Lab FAQ

Who owns the footage and how are you going to use it?

  • You own your footage and TGR maintains no rights to sell footage to third parties for advertising, promotion, or stock purposes. We retain the right to host your video on TetonGravity.com in perpetuity and to use shots or clips from your edit to promote the contest and future versions of the contest. If you make the Top 21, we also retain the rights to distribute your footage on DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes and any TGR properties directly related to The Co-Lab.

Can I still send this edit to other sites/sponsors/filmmakers?

  • The web edit that you submit to us can’t be released in its original form to any other websites, social media sites, or any packaged or digital media outlets. Once public voting has ended, you can recut, distribute, and use your footage as you please.

 How long can my edit be?

  • Your edit can be no longer than 5 minutes.

Are there any technical specifications for submitting?

  • For your web edit, we only require that it be shot in 720p HD or higher.
  • Our preference for the web edit:
  • Video
  • Codec: h264
  • Minimum Resolution: 1289×720
  • Recommended Frame Rate: 24fps
  • Data Rate: 5mb – 8mb
  • 20% of your edit can fall below these specifications if you want to use other devices.
  • Audio
  • Code: AAC
  • Data Rate: 320kps
  • Sample Rate: 44.1

How does the Wild Card process work and why are you doing that?

  • We will choose a panel of industry experts who are not affiliated with TGR. They will select the 3 Wild Cards. Those experts will be announced at a later date and will represent a cross section of the action sports industry. We implemented the Wild Card selection process so that riders who fly under the radar can be recognized for their efforts. Similar to the WCT in surfing, it will ensure that the finalists represent a good cross section of talent.

Do I use my own music, or are you going to provide music for my edit?

  • TGR will provide a large selection of music that will be pre-cleared for usage in your Co-Lab edit. You can use your own music, but the artist providing that needs to provide proper licensing documentation. We will have music download forms available soon. We will announce a music partnership in the coming days.

How do you win the sub-categories?

  • The Top 21 will choose the overall winner and all category winners. We are potentially going to add categories which could be presented by sponsors. These will likely be in the form of cash prizes to the winners of those sub categories. We feel that if we can bring more money to the table for the Top 21 the contest has more value to the athletes.

I don’t have budget for a heli and full-time cinematographer. Can I still win?

  • Definitely. The genesis of this contest came about because we’ve become more and more impressed with the quality of the edits up-and-coming riders have been able to create. We believe the filmmaking playing field has leveled with the advent of DSLR cameras, improvements in computer processing speed, and inexpensive editing software. There are plenty of good lines to be had without a heli, and with this recent evolution in technology, creativity and talent win over big budgets.

Will it just be the best “Big Mountain” edit that wins?

  • The mantra of the contest is “Of the People, by the People, for the People,” so you’ll have to ask the general public what they think is the coolest and most progressive style of riding. We don’t pick the winner, we just provide the platform.

Will TGR re-edit what I submit?

  • If you make the finals, we reserve the right to re-edit for compilations, final film, music conflicts, time constraints, etc. The web edit you submit will be posted with no re-editing. We reserve the right to edit your submission if you don’t have proper permissions. We will notify you, but if we don’t hear from you we reserve the right to edit accordingly so that you can still be in the contest.

What’s the time limit on shooting?

  • You can shoot up until the end of the submission window (May 31, 2013) as long as you can edit and get it in by midnight of that day. Think ahead, don’t wait until 11:30 to start uploading your edit.

Is there a production or filming budget limit?

  • No. Again, it’s about the quality of the final product and your creativity, not what kind of bankroll you have.

I’m an independent skier, will I be up against corporations dropping huge cash on athletes travelling the world? How is this a fair playing field?

  • That is a possibility but it shouldn’t limit your ability to win. (Reference question #8.) Good talent has always existed, and the cost of technology has leveled the playing field. Even if you do not win the grand prize, you still have the possibility of winning a category and a spot in the compilation film.  The top 12 voted segments make the compilation.

Is this for independent skiers only, or can sponsored athletes submit edits shot for them by other film companies and sponsors?

  • It’s open to any skier.

Can I use footage from outside this season?

  • No. Footage has to be within the shooting/editing window of Nov 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013. Upon submission, each skier will have to sign an affidavit confirming that the footage is within the rules. Those who don’t follow the rules will be ineligible.

Can I use footage from multiple production crews or does it have to be shot with the same crew all winter?

  • Use whatever talent or equipment you need to use to submit your best edit. Make sure you have arrangements with your filmers prior to entering and they understand the rights and usage you will be granting TGR when entering the contest.

Who gets the physical check?

  • The prize will be awarded to the athlete whose name is on the submission form. It’s up to you to make arrangements/handshakes/contracts with your crew on how to disperse the money should you win.
Will the segments be put into a movie?
  • We plan to take the top 12 voted on segments from the final round and make them into a compilation “best of” type movie. We reserve the right to distribute this on iTunes, DVD/Blu-ray, and any form of media. We may also make a runner up compilation. TGR has many solid distribution relationships in place that we can insert these compilations in. Our belief is that it is in everyone’s best interest to get their footage seen by as many people as possible. For example, we may decide to tour the final compilation. We have 17 years of touring experience and this would be a great opportunity for people to see your footage.
Will TGR monetize The Co-Lab?
  • We reserve the right to monetize via various media such as DVD, digital download, VOD, etc. The cost of the contest exceeds the cash prize, which is the largest purse in freeskiing to date. We hope to recoup some of these costs in the end, but there is no guarantee we will do so. Please don’t enter the contest if you do not feel the arrangement and rights we are asking for are fair. We put a lot of thought into making sure people could own and use their footage as they need to.
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