The 10 most important factors in a good snowpark or terrain park

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I just did a blogpost here on what factors make up a good terrain park: [ The 10 most important factors in a good snowpark or terrain park] It’s hard to judge how good a certain snowpark or terrain park is – cause it is really hard to compare parks. But anyway I’ll try to give my view on what are the important elements in a great park.

1. The right terrain (too flat means it is really hard to get speed between obstacles – too steep is equally bad)
2. Lines (it’s always nice to hit a large number of obstacles in one run)
3. Manager and crew’s engagement (the most possitive crew can get a lot out of very little)
4. Shapers’ abilities and experience (gotta have the right technique)
5. Effective lift system (fast and no lines)
6. Different levels (features for all riding levels will ensure everyone doesn’t end up hitting the same things)
7. Mix of metal (rails and boxes, a lot of them)
8. Pipes (not all parks have the right cutters to make them good)
9. Creative jibs (sometimes even very simple, but always popular)
10. Good vibe (a cozy chill area, bbq, great music and nice people always help)

We have tried to build most of these elements into our rating system at [ The Terrain Park overview community]. So keep the things above in mind when looking for the next park to go to and when rating the parks here on the site.

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