17 pairs of sunglasses for skiers to obsess over this spring

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It’s spring, and chances are that you need a sleek pair of new shades. So, we’ve gathered 17 killer offerings from some of our favorite brands to browse through.

Take a look, find your match(es) and enjoy spring to the fullest—whether you’re skiing, hiking, biking or just drinkin’ beers in the great outdoors with good company.

Smith Optics—Lowdown XL ♂

We’re totally in love with Smith’s Lowdown XLs for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re incredibly stylish and boast big lenses (hence “XL”) that make you look like a rockstar. Dive in deeper and you’ll find those lenses feature ChromaPop technology (only available on certain models); this increases contrast and clarity, further improved by polarization that stands up to the sun like a boss.

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Oakley—Moonlighter ♀

This ladies model from Oakley has been crushing it for us all spring. It sports an easy-to-love lifestyle look, but also performs incredibly well on more active adventures. We suggest going for a model with PRIZM Daily Polarized lenses, which essentially make everything around you look 100 times more amazing via color- and contrast-enhancing technology.

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Dragon—Leige ♂ ♀

Featuring an ideal blend of style and function, Dragon’s Leige glasses are a great, go-to ‘glass for any and all activities. From slushy spring laps to post-ski parking lot parties, they’ve been getting the job done for us, then exceeding our expectations. The look, as you can see, is super sleek. Under the hood, they feature a comfortable and durable grilamid frame, 100-percent UV protection and a versatile 6 base polycarbonate lens.

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POC—Require ♂ ♀

If you’re familiar with POC’s radical helmets and goggles, you’ll love the brand’s sunnies. The Requires, in particular, are a fashionable offering that also crush it while partaking in various spring activities—skiing, hiking, biking, you name it. The grilamid frame is durable and comfortable all at once, while Carl Zeiss lenses have a tint that really hits a sweet spot—not too light, not too dark.

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Shred—VANNA ♀

Stylish enough for the runway but packed with Shred’s esteemed technology, the VANNA is a ladies model that we’re super stoked on. Big NODISTORTION lenses provide prime visual quality, a multilayer acetate frame is lightweight and comfortable and, last but not least, Shred takes pride in the fact that these are made in Italy—home to some of skiing’s finest products.

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Spy—Bellows ♂ ♀

Built with a lifestyle focus but fit for skiing, hiking, biking, etc.—Spy’s Bellows are totally money. We’ve been loving these for one because they’re stylish, but also because they feature Spy’s renowned Happy Lenses—offering radical color and clarity. Best of all, they make you look like a modern blues musician who also shreds the gnar, which is a very good appearance.

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Electric—Bengal ♀

Here we have yet another wildly-stylish ladies sunglass—this time from none other than Electric. Shredding chicas will love these for their unique style (that wire up top is baller), comfort and clarity. On top of the fashion-forward design, they feature a grilamid frame and 6 base polycarbonate lenses with 100-percent UV protection.

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Julbo—Vermont Glacier Glasses ♂ ♀

The vicious sun rays that come with long, spring backcountry missions are no match for Julbo’s Vermont Classics. Don’t be fooled by the name; these originated in Vermont but are intended to conquer mountains much higher than you’d find in the Green Mountain State. Heavy-duty lenses, along a nose piece and side shields made of leather, block out the sun while keeping you comfortable, and the hooked frame hangs onto your ears mighty well.

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Zeal—Incline ♂ ♀

These sunnies literally just debuted and we’re sure they’ll make a splash in the outdoor community—particularly among skiers. Boasting a medium fit that suits most face shapes and a versatile look built for both the streets and the mountains, these are a great everyday, go-to offering. And, while we like everything about ’em, the lightweight profile, polarized lenses and dedication to sustainability (they’re made from plant-based materials) really seal the deal.

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Uvex—lgl 21 ♂ ♀

Decked out with a classic look, a groovy variety of colorways and top-notch tech, these newly-released shades from Uvex are dressed to impress. Big, mirrored lenses fight off UV rays remarkably well, while a lightweight, comfortable, matte frame makes you never want to take ’em off.

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Vuarnet—Glacier Glasses ♂ ♀

Vuarnet has been making beautiful sunglasses since 1957, and through all the years, the Glacier Glasses have proved to be total champs. Made in France and once worn by none other than James Bond, these classics feature Vuarnet’s esteemed glass lenses that bode well with all light conditions, a sleek stainless steel frame, removable side cases and a natural leather cord.

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Revo—Kash ♂ ♀

We’ve really fallen in love with the Kash as of late. The stylish, round frame looks great on everyone, including both men and ladies. A keyhole bridge and Elastomeric Nosepads bring about a snug, comfortable fit. The slip-reducing rubber was noticeable and appreciated. The lightweight, shatterproof Serilium polycarbonate lens provides 99 percent polarization and 100 percent UV protection. Bonus: When you buy Revo, $10 goes towards helping visually-impaired folks.

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D•CURVE—Apex ♂ ♀

D•CURVE is making moves into the ski scene right now and the Apex is one of the brand’s most prized offerings. Built for both active and casual endeavors, these puppies crush it as an everyday sunglass, featuring polarized lenses, adjustable nose pads and a hydrophobic coating to fight off oil, water and dirt.

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Sunski—Taraval ♂ ♀

The first thing you need to know about Sunski’s Taraval sunnies is that they’re $58. That’s darn cheap, folks, but don’t be fooled into thinking quality has been sacrificed; we’ve been testing these all winter, into spring, and are thoroughly impressed. Big ol’ lenses offer great peripheral vision, while a versatile mirror profile makes ’em wearable—and highly enjoyable—in varying light conditions.

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Bollé—527 ♂ ♀

Take it back to the old school with Bollé’s timeless 527s. These were cool in the ’80s and they’re arguably even cooler now—rocking a retro look with modern tech. Polycarbonate lenses provide amazing visual clarity, complemented by a lightweight and durable frame that looks stellar for both active and casual pursuits.

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SCOTT—Lyric ♂ ♀

Ideal for small-to-medium faces but suitable for anyone looking for a nice pair of shades, the Lyric is one mighty-fine offering from SCOTT. A thermal frame teams up with 100-percent UV protected lenses—topped off with a super-sleek matte finish that makes you look like a total badass.

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Adidas—Jaysor ♂ ♀

If you’re not familiar with Adidas’ sunglass line, it’s time to get acquainted–starting with the Jaysor. These are intended for active purposes, but are still pretty versatile thanks to a smooth look that works well on the streets, too. Big lenses, a lightweight frame and visual clarity are all on point with this offering.

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