Skilogik Depth Hoar Skis

  • MSRP: $800
  • Lengths: 191
  • Dimensions: 167 - 143 - 160

From the Editors of Freeskier:

With a whopping 143 mm waistline, the Depth Hoar is a fantastic powder offering from SkiLogik. Complete with rockered tip and tail and a 23 meter turning radius, this Bad Larry is built to surf atop endless white waves with ease. Thanks to its carbon-fiber construction, it’s fairly lightweight for its burly size. “So, so floaty. So sick, and surprisingly keeps up on bumps and groomers,” noted one tester. Another tester, and no it wasn’t T-Pain, exclaimed, “If this ski were a boat, I’d be on it!” It may not be a boat, but in the same way a surfer gets barreled in the green room, you’re sure to get pitted in the white room with the Depth Hoar.

Tester Rating

Stability 4
Carving 3.25
Playfulness 4
Float 5
16.25Total Score