Rossignol Super 7 ski – 2014

  • Lengths: 164, 172, 180, 188
  • Dimensions: 140-116-130

From the Editors of Freeskier:

The Super 7 bridges the gap between Rossi’s Soul 7 and Squad 7. It features a longer, more gradual tip and tail rocker than previous years, and metal has been removed from the recipe, resulting in a lighter ski with a lower turn radius. This serves to boost playfulness and allows the ski to perform in tight situations. Our testers gave high scores across all categories, one saying it was “super fun, playful, nimble edge to edge,” and another saying it’s “the facelift that the S7 needed.”

Tester Rating

Stability 4.00
Carving 4.00
Playfulness 4.15
Float 4.31
Versatility 4.15
20.61Total Score