Rossignol Sickle Skis

  • Lengths: 171, 181
  • Dimensions: 141 - 111 - 134

From the Editors of Freeskier:

The Sickle did well in both the carving and playfulness categories, making it a sound tool for lighter skiers or those who don’t want to be charging the gnarliest lines. “Love it for carving. It totally rails,” commented a tester. “It’s fun, playful and versatile, especially at lower speeds.” Though some testers complained it didn’t handle high speeds well, it scored well at popping through crud and jibbing both forward and backwards, especially for a ski that comes in at 111 mm underfoot. This ski excels in deep or playful terrain. Just don’t try to straightline Meteorite on them.

Tester Rating

Stability 3.83
Carving 4.17
Playfulness 4.33
Float 3.83
16.16Total Score