Ortovox 3+ Beacon – 2014

FOR: Neutral
MSRP: $369
GET IT: $279.16

From the Editors of Freeskier:

This three-antenna digital beacon features a circular display that shows the number of burials (up to 3, followed by “4+”) and automatically locates the strongest signal transmission for quicker retrieval. A flagging button located below the display allows you to easily eliminate signals of found victims in a multiple burial situation and a transmission life of 250 hours on a single AA battery makes for an effi cient, environmentally friendly transceiver. Its rubberized sleeve aids in the protection of the beacon while a 5-year warranty adds peace of mind to your purchase.

The Pros: Smart Antenna Technology analyzes your burial position to optimize signal transmission.
The Cons: Search-mode switch is a bit difficult to use with gloves.