Oakley Simon Dumont Signature Splice Goggles

FOR: Men
MSRP: $130
GET IT: $84.50

From the Editors of Freeskier:

The Splice has been a mainstay in the Oakley lineup for years now and for good reason. The medium/large goggle has a dual, spherical lens for optically correct vision with 100% UV protection and outriggers ensure a solid fit when combined with a helmet. Triple layer fleece foam wicks moisture off the face and a new mold around the nasal area, termed “O Flow” is meant to improve breathing.

The Dumont pro model includes custom artwork on the strap as well as the case and there are two regular and one polarized lens available.

The Pros: A proven model, new artwork
The Cons: New molding around nose doesn't work well for all face types