Fat-ypus A-Lotta Skis

  • MSRP: $790
  • Lengths: 170, 180
  • Dimensions: 172 - 140 - 158

From the Editors of Freeskier:

The original super fat, the A-Lotta ski was the first model offered by the Breckenridge-based Fat-ypus eight years ago. One tester complained the A-Lottas were “too much fun.” The A-Lotta features mostly traditional camber throughout the ski, yet boasts early rise to get your tips above the snow and provide a shorter turning radius. For a full-rockered experience try the Fat-Ypus A-Lotta Rocker (available in a 190 mm length). For a ski that’s 140 mm underfoot, testers were happy with how well the A-Lottas handled themselves outside of powder fields.

Tester Rating

Stability 4.00
Carving 3.75
Playfulness 4.00
Float 5.00
16.75Total Score